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15 Street NW

The buyers of this unit wanted a concept and schematic design for the unification of two penthouses, while under construction, in a new luxury condominium building in Washington, DC.  With the concept I prepared for them, we approached the developer to devise and negotiate the desired modifications and find a viable way to implement the design.  Given we presented our resolution to combine and renovate, and with the approval of the developer, the construction of these two units was strategically altered to accommodate for the future renovations, cutting down time, waste of materials, and costs.

As well, through our inspection of the units while under construction, I brought to the clients attention some elements that were not pleasant nor desired. For example, one of the units had a mechanical pipe coming into the unit and would present an eye sore for the space.  The client asked for my intervention, and I came up with a design to hide the pipe as if it were a column, and incorporate it into the design of the space itself. The client took this design idea to negotiate with the developer, and since this issue was not disclosed under the sales contract, they reached a resolution. This approach saved both the client and the developer further complications and expenses down the road.

For the design of the unit itself, the unification allowed for larger and better defined spaces for the kitchen, dining and living room. I allocated a space for a new library and two bedrooms. The second floor lofts were to be combined along with their roof terraces.
The master bedroom, tucked towards the back of the condo had a double height entry foyer to the loft above. A series of full height windows at the loft provided plenty of natural light and ventilation to the master bedroom, foyer and master bathroom. Another double height space provides the same light and ventilation to the kitchen area.

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