Aspen Street House

The clients inquired how the property could be expanded and renovated into a modern style house. The position of the house within the terrain allowed for an addition at the front presenting the opportunity to easily expand the social areas, and with a dynamic composition of volumes over the existing facade, completely transforming it.  
A large vertical entry volume clad in a distinctive red wood-composite paneling and glass anchors the composition, and connects the addition to the former house. From the entry one reaches a set of split level stairs connecting all the levels and rear outdoor terraces. To the left is a new large living room. To the right the former living room becomes the dining room, and the old kitchen expands to receive an eat-in area. On the ground levels a new bedroom suite sits underneath the living room and the garage is expanded as well.
The materials proposed are brick, exposed concrete, glass, wood panels and accent colors on the former facade.

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