Columbia Heights Loft


This was a 650sf gut renovation of an existing second floor unit of a 1940s townhouse. Removing the existing low dropped ceilings exposed the original 12’ high beautiful wood roof framing of the house and added a lot of character to the space, which then I proceeded to detail with bleached white 4x8 feet maple plywood sheets as flooring accented with 1” aluminum bar seams. All bright-white walls are contrasted by one clad in translucent mica panels backlit at the corner of the closet. The effect is a ‘mood’ light that warms up the space. A track light along the entire length of the opposite wall provides uniform lighting throughout, while globe lights hover above the kitchen island like moons.
By placing the kitchen at the front of the house, it allowed me to place all the cabinetry on one side giving optimal flexibility for the rest of the loft. A custom-made stainless steel and marble island doubles as a dining table. All fixtures and appliances were carefully selected to maximize function and style. The sleeping area towards the opposite back end of the space is visually divided from the living room by a chest-height headboard. The open back porch was transformed into an indoor home office.

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