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Dupont Circle Condo

A Pre-War condo was in need of a total gut renovation that demanded removing all the walls separating various small rooms that traditionally composed the foyer, social areas and kitchen. Additionally it needed a master bathroom, larger closets, a fireplace and central A/C. After the renovation all the social spaces were unified and the kitchen is the first space visible as one enters. I designed a grand welcoming kitchen island that sits at an angle to interlock and ease the flow through the various spaces. The AC ductwork was carried through a series of slanted dropped ceilings that also help configure the different uses of the space: the kitchen’s ceiling slopes towards the kitchen island; the dining room’s trifold ceiling has a ridge holding a pendant lamp on center with the table; and the living room’s soffit is concealed behind a new wall that hosts the fireplace wall, niches and hidden storage.
The private side of the condo develops behind one full-height custom made shoji-screen door. Behind it a hallway leads towards two bedrooms with brand new large closets and baths. The rear porch of the unit became the master bathroom with a spa shower.

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