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Dupont Circle Terrace

The design of this terrace required multiplying the space available in the back yard to fit a diverse scope of work. The clients wanted a storage room accessible through the basement, a private full two-car parking pad behind doors, and a terrace with a seating area, outdoor grill, waterfall, fireplace and a hot tub. It all had to fit within a small allowable usable area. By interlocking a total of four different levels and cantilevering out part of the terrace over the nose-tip end of the parking pad with the use of a creative steel structure, I accomplished a clean and uncluttered design.

The terrace was leveled with the living room of the house. Centered within the terrace towards the back, a waterfall pours over an oxidized core-ten steel panel. The waterfall is a rich background to the custom-made outdoor gas fireplace fitted with lava rock and playful concrete spheres. This became the heart and visual focus of the project. To the left of the waterfall are a set of steps reaching up to the hot tub hidden behind, and another set of stairs that go down to the ground level where a small garden and a hidden sliding door provides access to the parking. Cement panel boards where used for the walls while the fences done with ‘Polygal’, a shatter-proof translucent plastic material that allows all the light to filter into the terrace while preserving the needed privacy. The floors and counters are slate.

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