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The camera becomes the brush through which Palmera paints a new vision of reality. Light, form, movement and time come together in a surprising and unanticipated composition of contours, colors and textures. His work is an unexpected sensory exploration that will arouse our conventional perceptions and predictable reality.
Palmera’s photography is conceived through intentional camera movement and the interaction with the subject embracing part calculation and part chance. These are not computer generated images. His work ranges from small and large scale prints in non-traditional mediums, including installations. He engages an exploration to take the photograph to a three-dimensional format by blending photography and sculpture together.
Born in Bogota, Colombia, 1975.
Studied architecture at Los Andes University in Bogota, and at Catholic University of America in Washington, DC where he practiced for 13 years. In 2009 he began traveling extensively worldwide pursuing his life-long passion for photography.
His photography is inspired by the built environment, nature and still life subjects from places where he traveled. As an architect, he has a deep interest using non-traditional materials as substrates and creating installations. In particular he explores the concept of bridging photography and sculpture together. The photographs are not computer generated. How he shoots is what you see.
Lives in United States.

2017   Group Exhibit, 'Imperfect Aesthetic' The Art Design Project and Soho Beach House, Miami FL
2017   Group Exhibit, 'Body and Form: Living with Art', The Art Design Project and Poltrona Frau Group, Miami, FL
2015   Group Exhibit, ‘White on White’, Design Pub, Miami, FL
2014   Solo Installation, ‘Dualism Cube’, TUB Gallery for Art Basel Miami Week, Miami Beach, FL
2014   Group exhibit ‘LACDA Salon opening’. Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Los Angeles, CA
2013   Foto Fest 2014 selected attendant, Houston, TX
2013   Photolucida Critical Mass entry – ‘Tower Series’
2013   Aperture Portfolio Prize 2013 Entry
2012   Auction donation, SITAR Arts Center foundation, Washington, DC
2012   Group Exhibit, ‘Art Takes Times Square’, Artist Wanted – Chasama, New York City, NY
2011   Publication ‘One Life’ 2011 Edition., International Photography Competition
2011   Solo private art show- Art Basel Miami Week. Miami Beach, FL
2010   Group exhibit ‘Art March’. Gallery Godo, Glendale, CA
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