Bay Harbour Multifamily

Bay Harbour Bal Harbour Residential design
Bay Harbour Bal Harbour Residential Design

Commissioned by a Miami Beach boutique firm as the Conceptual Designer to lead and manage a proposal for a multifamily building in efforts to gain the commission for the firm. The project is a 48 unit, 130,000 SF, 7 story and underground garage, luxury waterfront and highly notable condominium development in the islands of Bay Harbor, in Miami, FL. I directed the firm on how to best resolve the programmatic needs, building distribution and zoning requirements. Proposed ideas and features to make the building stand out from other proposals and created a narrative to explain the design concepts and design intentions. I departed from a given rough sketch and developed it to the point of resolving the building footprint, vertical circulations, underground  parking requirements, unit distribution along with schematic interior layouts, and proposed facade concepts, materiality and landscape design intentions.
My interventions allowed for a successfully presented, viable and highly creative design concepts for the firm’s final design proposal presentation, which has been instrumental for them to win the commission.