Caribbean Resort Renovation

Resort open air lobby atrium

After heavy devastation from hurricane Irma, the 350-room hotel required complete reconstruction and renovation.  Under new brand and management, and a projected $20 million renovation, our design concept evolved from the hotel name ‘Secrets’ as a theme. Inspiration came from the veils of a bride, Caribbean louver shutters, and tropical vegetation. We developed a story that carries across the hotel in a series of experiences that start at the Lobby and continue into the interior or the rooms, amenities and ‘lover’ gardens. Discovery, sensuality and poetry are elements we used to animate and strengthen the brand experience.  
As a Project Manager for my office, most of the challenges were being at the front end of the project proposing design concepts, programmatic and space management solutions and communicating with other offices while neither the Owner nor the Brand- due to time restrains- had finalized nor assured on their particular requirements and final goals. Multiple variations and changes came throughout the Concept and Design Development phase, until a decisive design and scope of work directive was approved during permitting, contracting and budgeting negotiations.


Luis Pons Design Lab - Designer. Jaime Palmera - Project Manager.

Images and text credits: Luis Pons Design Lab .

villas suites
hotel entry palza
Club suites and spa tower
spa floorplan