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Corporate Building- Concept

This was a concept study for a liquor distributor’s company office.  Set near a busy intersection and well transited street, the building design reflects the programmatic needs of the project. The building is divided into private and public spaces. The offices and private meeting rooms are all organized within a stone clad mid-rise tower, set at the inner, quiet end of the site.  The public areas which include a brand store and a pub are located at the corner end where easy street access and exposure is needed. The glass oval volume is ballroom designed to ‘see and be seen’  from the street and makes the building distinguishable. This glass volume links the public and private spaces symbolizing the connection between the brand and its consumers. The circulation shaft is a slender black granite and steel mesh tower that denotes the entrance to the offices and carries the brand’s insignia.

Interior spaces are defined and linked to each other by double height spaces, open vistas and voids setting up spatial hierarchy and quality, natural lighting and vertical communication.  At the pub, multiple mezzanines surround a grand piano bar set next to a two story stained glass window. At night the oval ballroom is a glowing, airy, floating beacon showcasing the activity inside, enhancing the life of the street corner and ultimately promoting the brand of the liquor company.


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