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PHOTOLUCIDA- Critical Mass 2013 submission

I have just submitted these 10 images from the TOWER series and hoping to be selected for review from over 200 juries from all over the world. This is great exposure and will help me further my talent. I am very excited about this!

Boom. Bust.

The 2008 financial crisis was of great transformation for many. I was no exception.

I salvaged what I could; bought the best camera I could afford and leaped into a dream; I plunged into a spiritual journey of self-discovery which takes me in a journey around the world. The camera was my confidant, my diary – a means to communicate with a world I barely felt I belonged to. Serendipitously, on an excursion to the highest peak in Hawaii, the weather and road conditions forced me to manipulate the camera embracing part calculation and part chance to capture what I was seeing. That, is how I finally discovered my art.

For a year I traveled Hawaii and the Far East where I mostly photographed landscapes, but as I returned to an American city I was confronted with urbanity. The architect in me found city escapes and skyscrapers very tempting subjects.

The TOWER series is a collection of iconic buildings that I explore and abstract in an attempt to bridge materiality and immateriality, dwelling between free will and fate. In each photograph I concentrate on the buildings essential form and shoot to expose that composition of light, shapes, colors and textures to unveil another facet of its reality and open new ways to embody the subject.

Dadaism, Surrealism and Impressionism inspire me. I recently learned that ICM (intentional camera movement) is the technical definition for what I do. The photos are not computer generated, collaged or digitally fabricated. How I shoot is what you see.

I continue to learn, travel and photograph, and with my camera I seek to uncover the dreamlike world around us- a world that is ever-present but rarely engaged.

Jaime Palmera

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