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FotoFest 2014 Portfolio Review

I am about to enter my first review. Ever.

Opening my portfolio to anyone other than friends and family and any other person who may have stumbled on this website or on my Facebook page seems now like a huge risk, specially on such an important review as it is FotoFest in Houston , Texas.

I have to say that there is absolutely nothing to loose and everything to gain with this opportunity I have in front of me. I have thirty 16x20 prints mostly of a series that for now I refer to as 'Buildings' which are horizontal format photos of significant buildings around the world. As you can imagine, its a huge topic, and am working on defining it and editing it further while I continue to take even more photographs. Time and travel become a factor to produce it, and I am focusing on illustrating them all in a similar manner and let the buildings stand out by their own merits

I have also brought in with me 5 portfolio magazines showcasing different series I have been working on simultaneously:

Towers, a series of vertical photos of, well, tall buildings which I like to abstract and emphasize their uniqueness by grasping its architectural concept.

Landscapes, the topic by which I initially started photographing and has given me a very broad spectrum to work on. These nature series expand across the whole world.

Night Lights showcase anything from landscapes to urban-scapes and objects within their environment illuminated by the artificial light they have. I do not light my subjects. It is what it is, and that is what I photograph. I like this series a lot.

Abstracts, are the photographs on which I take most liberty in transforming the subject into something that it may not be, or convey a new interpretation, or propose a new meaning, or just...simply an abstraction of a reality.

Silver Collection is one I have decided to manipulate further the photographs through the help of the digital medium and turn them hem all white with shades of gray and are intended to be printed on alternative mediums like aluminum plates, white marble, plastics or even on clear crystal. Further exploration work needs to be done.

....and to finalize, I brought few of my manual explorations with the actual prints themselves given the case I have the opportunity to talk about how I want to take the photograph out of a 2-dimensional plane onto a 3- dimension and even an 'ethereal' mode.......

I am excited with this. Looking forward.

Till soon,


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